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Berry Scones

Berry Scones

“I get alot of requests for these from family and friends. They like the light and fruity taste…without feeling heavy like some recipes.” – Rachael

I created these scones for Mullberries, but Marion Berries work just as well. I took some to our local art supply store, to thank them for all their great help. They loved them.

This recipe was published in Taste of Home Magazine 

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Tasty Marinated Vegetables Recipe

Marinated Vegetables

Marinated Vegetable Salad is from Rachael Montague of Sebastopol, California. “When my family went to visit my grandmother in Nebraska, she made easy-to-prepare dishes while we were there. One of them was this colorful salad. It was such a hit, I asked for the recipe before I left.”

Click here for the Tasty Marinated Vegetables recipe